Fra: Shure

Shure retnings-antenne passiv

2.795,00  m/Moms
( 2.236,00  u/Moms )

Direktional (retningsbestemt) antenne til trødløse systemer. 470 - 870 Mhz

Lager: Ikke på lager
Model/varenr.: PA805SWB

The Shure PA805 is a directional antenna for increased range and reduced interference as compared to omnidirectional 1/2-wave antennas.
The PA805 can be mounted on a microphone stand or mounted to a wall using the integral swivel adapter bracket.

  • RF Frequency Range: 470 - 870 MHz
  • Antenna Gain: 7 dB (typical), 3 dB Beam Width: 100 °
  • Connector: 50 Ω, Female, BNC-type