Powersoft X8

92.360,00  m/Moms
( 73.888,00  u/Moms )

PA forstærker på 8 x 5200W max.

Lager: Ikke på lager
Model/varenr.: X8

PA Effektforstærker på 8 x 5200W max

Powersoft X8 innovates and evolves the concept of the amplification platform though the integration of a worldwide compatible power-box and a full feature DSP inside the power amplifier.

The complete digital audio signal management system based on ARM Cortex A-8 processor and TI C6000 DSP platform heralds new and innovative level of signal processing, providing non-boolean routing and mixing, multi-stage equalization with raised-cosine, IIR and FIR filters, delay up to 4 s in input processing and 200 ms for time alignment, gain and polarity adjustment, crossover, peak limiters, TruePower™ limiters and Active DampingControl™.

The power supply permits worldwide AC acceptance and direct connection to any regional power line configuration: it is now suitable to Single Phase, Bi-Phase or Three Phase operation from 85 VAC up to 440 VAC without need of manual selection. True Three Phase load balancing is directly achievable by the unit without any complex load assignment in the power distribution system design.


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