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Højttaler kabel ProCab 2x1,5 mm2

178,00  m/Moms
( 142,40  u/Moms )

ProCab's CAB592 Højttaler kabel med 2 x 1,5 kvadrat ledere og speakon-stik + 2-pol jack-stik

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Model/varenr.: CAB592-10

The LS series cables are high quality and flexible double isolated loudspeaker cables. They are suitable for use in indoor as well as outdoor applications.
Each conductor is fitted with a highly flexible jacket made of PVC. Both conductors are twisted with two cords, which ensures the great strength and flexibility of the cable.
The whole inner section is packed by a paper foil into a highly flexible outer jacket made of PVC.
These cables have been designed for connection of loudspeakers in fixed or mobile sound systems.