Sommer DMX-kabel 3-pin

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162,00  m/Moms
( 129,60  u/Moms )

Digital kabel BYCE-2 Binary 234 med stik. Til DMX og AES-EBU 110 ohm

Model/varenr.: 3030745x
  • AES/EBU- and DMX-conformant, highly flexible
  • Very good shielding through the use of copper spiral shielding and a fleece vaporized with aluminum
  • Extremely robust with an especially strong jacket
  • Only a little more expensive than a standard microphone cable
  • For networking of scanners, lighting units, digital mixing boards, etc.
  • For indoor and outdoor installation
  • For connection of digital audio amplifiers, DAT-recorders, etc.
Construction: (2LI2YS 0.34 mm²) (ST)CY
Jacket: PVC 7.0 mm
  FRNC: 5.6 mm
No. of inner conductors: 2 x 0.34 mm² (AWG 22)
Copper strand per conductor: 19 x 0.15 mm
Conductor insulation: Foam/skin-PE 1.50 mm
Shielding: copper spiral shielding + aluminum steamed fleece
Shielding factor: 100 %
Temperature range: -25° C to +70° C
Fire load per m: 0.17 kWh (520-0051 F:0.23 kWh)
Weight per 1 m: 50 g
Packaging: 100 m roll
Electrical data
Capac. cond./cond. per 1 m:  
Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m: >115 pF
Cond. resistance per 1 km: 53 ohms
Insulation resist. per 1 km >1 Gohms
Surge impedance: 110 ohms
Plug 1: HICON HI-XCF3N-BLK XLR female, black
Plug 2: HICON HI-XCM3N-BLK XLR male, black