Røgmaskine renser

149,00  m/Moms
( 119,20  u/Moms )

Røgmaskine renser 1 liter

Lager: Forventet leveringstid er 2-3 dag(e).
Model/varenr.: 51704592
  • Especially designed for vaporizing smoke-machines
  • Easy use

Suitable for almost all modern smoke-machines!

The product mentioned above is especially designed for vaporizing smoke-machines. It is odorless and

nontoxic and does not attack usual material like plastic, metal, lacquer and light metal. The components

consist of anorganic-organic acid-combinations. Content: 1 liter.

Never drink the liquid or use it on the inside or outside of a human body. If liquid gets in contact with

skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If it is necessary call a doctor immediately!

Usage: Fill cleaner into empty tank. Run the machine several times in a well-ventilated room only. The

number of repititions depends on the pollution level of the vaporizing elements. After use clean all

remaining cleaner and rinse the tank thoroughly.